glatt kosher catering chef


The lessons learned on your grandmother’s knee are not easy to forget – be they in living a correct life in harmony with the Torah like keeping a Kosher household or honoring millennia long traditions of how High Holidays are observed and life events celebrated.

Born in Israel, Chef Asher Goldstein was mostly raised by his Romanian-born grandmother. It is in her kitchen that he learned the intricacies of how to create Kosher delicacies using centuries-old family recipes and marrying them to local cuisines.  As a child, Chef Asher learned that cooking is an art form that also requires organization and the special element of love – that contributes to the Mitzvah in progress be it during a wedding, Bat Mitzvah, Bar Mitzva or any other life event.

It was during his work at some of the world’s most celebrated seaside resorts, including Makumbaja in Northern Israel and a stint at Maxim’s in Paris, that Chef Asher took his menu pairings to the next level, creating Glatt Kosher fusion cuisine replete with world-class presentation of his dishes.

A long-time associate of Chef World, before moving to Los Angeles, while in Miami, Chef Asher was head of Kosher Gourmet at the Miami airport and produced refined weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and other special events with artistic Glatt Kosher catering at the center of festivities. He also managed food production for airlines, cruise ships and even prepared frozen food for Costco.

The saying artists are born and not created rings particularly true for Chef Asher, who takes exceptional pride in adding the element of design into each of his culinary creations. He enjoys learning about each family he serves and creating personalized event-specific menus for each event he creates. It is typical for Chef Asher to meld Eastern and Western cuisines that are tailored to celebrate the union of two families, two sets of traditions and the individuals who united to celebrate a wedding.

From the time a baby is born, parents and grandparents envision the moment when their child or grandchild will transition to adulthood. Too quickly, it is time for a young man or woman to celebrate their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, one of the most loved of the Jewish traditions.

It is at these many life junctures that families can honor the personality, likes and loves of the person or people at the center of each Mitzvah. It is here – in that sacred space where personalized expression is most valued – that Chef Asher excels. Not only is his food designed to specific personal preferences, so are the very serving dishes and china he uses for each event and the décor of the venue where the event is held.

No matter how much color, production value and creativity are used to season each event, the food is prepared and served in adherence to Glatt Kosher principals. Nothing moves from kitchen to guests without the blessing of the event Rabbi who is in the mix from menu planning through serving of the first and final plate and drink at each life event.

Chef Asher brings high-energy and passion for each menu and meal he creates. For over 30 years, even after completion of grueling formal chef training, he voraciously seeks out new best-practices, creates new recipes and continually hones and improves his craft.

As his passion for food design grew, his knowledge of fusion gourmet food was at its peak.  A spiritual epiphany guided him to marry his love of world cuisine, creative food pairings and ambient design to embark on his latest venture – creation of highly memorable life events with 100% Glatt Kosher catering at the center of each such wedding or other life event that are as stunning to observe as they are to enjoy.

Today, Chef Asher is building a Glatt Kosher catering clientele throughout North America – with a special focus on Miami – that respects ancient Jewish tradition yet appreciates the artistry that goes into creating one-of-a-kind events that mark the personal history of every family he serves.